Zasady ogólne

1.  PhD Scholarships may be awarded to the PhD students at the
Institute of Physics, Faculty of Math-Phys.-Chem., University of
Silesia, who will conduct research in one of four main projects:

2. The amount of scholarship is 4000 PLN (~1000 euro) monthly.

3.  Fellowships may be awarded for 12 months and prolonged up to a
total of 24 months.

Principles of granting fellowships (excerption)

1. Admission will be based on a competitive selection.

2.  The condition for applying for a fellowship is the submission
of the application (see Projects->Documents).

3. Applications should be delivered to the secretary of PhD
studies at the Institute of Physics. Deadline for application is 1st

4.  Program Committee shall evaluate the applications and draw on
this basis a separate ranking lists for specific research

Obligations of the fellows

1.  Fellows are required to make in the academic year two reports
(semi and final) on the progress of the research work
undertaken, subject to substantive evaluation by the Program

2.  Fellows are obliged to include on the web page information
about their research, the results obtained and the forms of

3.  Fellows presenting research results as scientific
publications, conference speaches or other developments (patents, the
report for the company, implementation) are required to acknowledge
participation in the Project.

4.  Fellows are also obliged to participate in promotion,
training, seminars and practice provided by the Project.

Complete Rules and principles of granting fellowships (in Polish) are available here.